BBQ | Rotisserie – Fine Fast Food

The term rotisserie comes from the word rotate. The rotating movement causes the juices and fat to run constantly over the food. This preparation results in a special flavour experience!

The BBQ Kitchen is one of the new gourmet highlights in the TV programme ‘Ars Vivendi’. You can watch the programme here: ‘Ars Vivendi’

Opening hours

It’s always barbecue time!
We are open daily from 11 am to midnight.

— On 24 December we are open for you! —

BBQ | Rotisserie – Fine Fast Food

The term rotisserie comes from rotate. By the rotary motion the escaping juice and fat runs continuously over the food. This preparation gives a special taste experience!


Our menu is short and sweet! Within a few minutes, we serve high quality dishes.


We accept reservations and orders by telephone on 030 / 279 098 16.

Guarantee of quality

Good takes time and freedom. That´s why we use only slow grown up poultry.

2-Sit & 2-Go

Take a seat in our restaurant or order your favorite BBQ takeaway.


Have a look at our photo gallery and you will get a taste of the unique atmosphere of the BBQ Kitchen.


In addition to the BBQ Kitchen, we operate four Spanish restaurants and a Steakhouse.

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